We offer two types of canvas presentation. One is a regular stretch where the white borders of the canvas are folded over and only the image is seen from the front. If there are no white borders (or they are not wide enough for stretcher bars), a gallery wrap is recommended so that no staples are visible. A gallery wrapped canvas is when the image flows onto the sides as well. This is a more complete look. Most people prefer to frame their stretched canvas as opposed to a gallery wrapped canvas. Others prefer stretched canvas because maximum image can be achieved for viewing.

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Canvas Frame


Canvas Stretching





Canvas Transfer | Poster and Photo to Canvas

Turn your favorite photo or poster into a custom piece of art ! 567 Gallery can create beautiful canvas transfers from most posters and photo prints. Your favorite photo print or poster image can be transferred and fixed to a canvas surface. The result is a piece of printed art that has the appearance of an original canvas painting without the higher cost usually associated with original artwork.

Canvas Stretch

Canvas Stretching is offered at all three of our locations. Stretched canvas is mounted onto a stretcher bar support framework in preparation for framing or hanging. If you are an artist that prefers not to do the work of stretching and preparing the canvas, let us do it for you. We can make any size and any number of canvases you want prepared to your specifications.