Back to school? These wall decorations will transform your kid’s room!

It’s almost time to get back to school. Let’s clean the kids’ room and re-decorate!

  • Go big - Comic Book Mural
  • Do you like comic books?  If your kid is crazy about Spider Man or a certain comic book character, why not put a gigantic comic mural up in your kid’s room? If you cannot afford a mural artist, you can always invest in a high quality fine art print.

    Spider Man Comic Wall

  • Did someone say vintage?
  • Here is a a traditional boy’s room with football, baseball and soccer on the wall. The color scheme of orange, brown and blue is great for the fall and it adds color to a boring white room immediately. If you don’t have a wooden panel, you can always have the images framed in nine plain white frames.

    This is not just for the boys, girls are welcome to put up their favorite sports on the wall.

    Traditional Boy's Room

  • Love those geometry shapes!
  • One of the most affordable way to decorate your wall is to frame some pretty paper. You can buy a large piece of rice paper about less than $20 or a small origami paper and frame it. A few assorted abstract design will make your child’s room pretty and classy.

    pretty paper wall decoration


  • Inspire them to explore - World Map and Matching Chair

    Create a world map canvas and match the chair the same color is a great idea. You can choose a baby-blue color for girls and a darker blue or orange for boys.

  • Paint that wall with memories
  • Painting the wall a bold color and decorate family pictures on the fall in white shadow box frames is another great way to change the room.

    Decorate with your child’s artworks

    Kids love to paint and draw. Look at those lovely abstract paintings on the wall by your 7-year-old. You can inspire them to become future artists with finger paints, explore different kinds of media with them.

    It’s always nice to encourage your children with the finished product in a frame. It tells them that their talents are recognized and appreciated.

    Any other ideas? Share it with us! Come to visit our store for some great frames. 

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